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Name:Christine Marie White
Company:Finding Love Academy
Title:Founder, Mentor, Instructor
Address:2451 N. McMullen Booth Rd. Clearwater, Florida
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-415-0464
Cell No:727-415-0464
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Christine Marie White
Founder of the Finding Love Academy and Integrity Singles Club. Creator of the New IntegrityDating Process


The Finding Love Academy and Integrity Singles Club

Today’s Traditional dating has changed over the last 50 years. Those changes are no longer helping singles who want love and marriage. I Traditional dating is finally outdated. 

Because of the dating scene changing, becoming increasingly more and more confusing, you have been getting incorrect information for a long time. Now it’s time to get the information you need to be successful. It's time to...

Discover IntegrityDating! An innovative new dating process, based on healthy values, which takes you from meeting to marrige in 5 easy steps.

If you are not happy with the dating scene today… it’s time to leave it behind. It’s time to do something different in order to get better results. You finally have a new option to choose from. We welcome all ages, races and religious affiliations.


Hello! I’m Christine Marie White, Your Finding Love Mentor and Founder of the Finding Love Academy. I’m excited about introducing you to this amazing new online academy and new dating breakthroughs and the exclusive Integrity Singles Club! 

This is a club providing events, support, encouragement and direction to singles in the Tapa Bay area, as well as (in the field) training while they are learning the IntegrityDating process.


Courses Offered at the Online Academy


  • The 13 IntegrityDating Dating Rules for Success: Eliminate your dating problems - This is a free course
  • IntegrityDating: An innovative new dating process, based on healthy values, which will guide you from meeting to marriage in 5 easy steps. With over 40 helpful guidelines - $37
  • Is He the One and Is She the One: Evaluate while you date - know your perfect partner - $27
  • How to Be Irresistible to Men (without using sex): Over 170 tips & secrets for women - $37
  • Monthly Coaching for Men and Women: Get unlimited access to 3 courses and the IntegrityDating coaches at your fingertips - $47/mo.
  • The Integrity Singles Club: An exclusive events-based club for marriage-minded singles who are learning the IntegrityDating process. Get in-the-field training and support. - $27/mo.


Get Your FREE Online Course Now 

The 13 IntegrityDating Rules for Success


I recommend the monthly membership packages for men and women. They both include The 13 IntegrityDating Rules for Success course, the full course on IntegrityDating, a third course for Effective Evaluating, Q and A calls as well as group/personal coaching. These life and love changing packages are available at this remarkable price for a limited time only.


Invest in Your Love Life!  

 Eliminate Your Dating Problems Now!  


Courses/Club: FindingLove.Academy          

YouTube Channel: Finding Love Academy


Phone: 727-415-0464


Would You Like to Help Singles Find Love!  

We need coaches, instructors, affiliates and more!


Phone: 727-415-0464
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